The 'scale up' roadmap you need to get your product onto more supermarket shelves, into more consumers' baskets & put more money in your pocket for every product you sell.

...especially during a cost of living crisis.



Chelsea's ‘Scale Up Money Map’ Workbook.

'More Money In Your Pocket' is my new groundbreaking masterclass. It will be 90 minutes of learning + implementing and I'll take you through my brand new 'Scale Up Money Map' for packaged food and drink brand owners, like you, wanting more product on more supermarket shelves and more money in your pocket for every product you sell. The class will be held on Zoom and I'll take as many questions in the class as the time allows. My expertise and resources provided for this class is valued at more than $1500 and you're getting it for free because I want you to finish 2023 the right way and prepare you to scale in 2024.

There won't be a replay so make sure you show up to the live session you choose. Please attend if you register as spaces are limited. If you attend, you'll also receive my 'Scale Up Money Map' workbook which will not be available anywhere else at any time. If you're ready to scale up, play a bigger game and grow your packaged food or drink business this year, register and I'll see you online!

This class is for you if...

  • You don't have a sales system that brings in new leads every week.
  • You lack the industry knowledge wholesale buyers expect you to know to get your product stocked.
  • You want the formula to put more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell.


You deserve to live life on your terms.


Land More Accounts

Learn a sales system that helps you see the macro and micro picture of sales so you know what steps to take to bring in new leads every week so you have buyers saying 'yes!' consistently!

Put More Money In Your Pocket

Discover the formula to put more money in your pocket for every food & drink product you sell, even if you sell through distributors.

Speak the Language of Wholesale

Become aware of industry-specific terms like a natural so when a buyer talks about reviews, ranging, rebates or RRP you know how to respond.

Win More of the Market

Master your messaging and articulate your vision in clear and confident words so you land more stockists and create a tribe of consumers that buy your product on repeat.

Get Consistent Sales Wins

Follow a sales strategy that brings in weekly wins, prevents revenue stagnation and combats competitive tension.

Know Your Numbers

Learn what the key metrics are by which you should measure your progress and which one to focus on maniacally that will get you to scale, profitably.

Hear the Success Factors

Hear case studies of what successful producers have done to avoid failure and cut through the noise of the market to put more money in their pocket.

Influence Your Buyer

Understand the role a buyer has, how they're measured and how they make their decisions so you get them to a ‘yes’ much faster and with confidence.

Need more money in your pocket?

Food and drink is a tough industry. There’s thousands of new food and drink products launched every year, and they’re all vying for limited retail space on crowded shelves that retailers are rationalising right now. One of the ways to make it easier for yourself is to make sure you're making consistent sales that have margin in them. Margin for you and any intermediaries you work with, such as distributors and supermarkets.

The key is to not fall victim to the shiny new ball syndrome. Instead have a plan and a system to follow when the temptation to go off in new directions, or down the rabbit hole of a new sales channel before you've mastered the previous one, can be resisted.

Foodpreneurs often think landing on more shelves in new sales channels will be the answer. I can understand why. Getting more customers is widely considered the key to business success, but they're wrong. Not all customers and sales deals are equal.

Do you want to keep operating under the belief that all you need to do is land on more shelves or will you choose the better way and follow my 'scale up money map?

In this new masterclass, 'More Money In Your Pocket' I'll give you my 'Scale Up' roadmap to get your product onto more supermarket shelves, into more consumers' baskets & put more money in your pocket for every product you sell.

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What others have said about

my masterclasses

"I took some of your advice from the 'Money For Jam' masterclass you did and got into another wholesale account so if that happens after one masterclass I'm excited about what 8 classes will bring for my business."

- Phoebe (Living Koko)

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Money for Jam this morning. You deliver extremely useful information in a concise and easily digested way."

- Katie (Katie Swift Cordials)

"Thank you once again for your inspirational and spot on information. I ALWAYS learn something from you Chelsea! Chelsea lays the roadmap out for you in bright orange, all you have to do is follow it."

- Julie (Pincha Salt)